I'll readily admit that I have issues with control. I think at times it may be the downfall of many relationships I have in my life. I've got a way I like to do things, and it's difficult to let go and allow things to be done a different way. It is rare that I can find a way that's better than mine...when I do find it, I kind of latch on -but that's another issue, for another post. There's some perfectionism involved with it and there's some OCD issues as well. I think this may become a re-occuring theme within the blog...problems I have with control. But here's where we'll focus today: House cleaning. I clean my house in a specific pattern and in a specific way. I clean the bathrooms in my house. Only me. I don't trust that job to anyone else because no one else will do it the right way...and yes, Chemguy, the right way would be my way. I think it's okay because I recognize that within myself and I don't ask anyone else to clean the bathrooms and then redo them or berate them for doing it wrong...I just do it. And it's completed to my satisfaction and I'm proud to state that I've owned my house for 13 years and there is no nasty mold or mildew growing on the grout on the tile of my bathrooms. I've been able to kill it off and keep the grout completely white and I'm happy with that. That Oxi Clean guy would be so bored in my bathrooms and I don't even feel bad about it.

The kitchen sink is another issue. I can't stand it when there are water drops or (god help me) dried water drop stains on the kitchen sink. If I have company over and someone uses the sink, it drives me a little batty. I need to clean the sink. I clean the sink in a specific way too...first, a little Dawn antibacterial liquid soap, scrub the sink...the drain, the walls, the bottom of the basin, the top, the spigot and BEHIND the spigot. Then, after I wash all the soap suds are rinsed down the sink, I ring the washcloth out really well and go over everything I just mentioned. Then, I take the dish towel and dry the entire area. It shines and sparkles.

Okay...maybe I have a little problem when it comes to the kitchen sink

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