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...I'm also a big Chad Johnson fan. Now, I'm not going to list a gajillion stats, I'm not going to reference 18 different sports experts and show a video of Jim Rome making him cry or anything like that so if you've found your way here for facts and that stuff...you need to leave. These are the words of a mother of two who has been a Bengal's fan all her life.

This past weekend, my family went to the Bengals game. It was the capper to the Thanksgiving weekend and I looked forward to it for weeks, as did my kids. On Saturday afternoon, I came home from a meeting at school to find my kids and husband happily displaying the new Bengals swag they had purchased for the game. When I asked "What's all this?" as I walked in the door, the little one answered, "Just some Bengals gear for the game tomorrow! We're all ready now!" The air was ripe with anticipation for the game.

On the drive to the game, both the oldest and the little one expressed wanting to see Chad Johnson score a touchdown. My husband warned that Chad had hit a dry streak and the Bengals were playing poorly so not to get their hopes up while I asked why they wanted Chad to score. Both agreed because they wanted to see "what he'll do when he scores..."

Chad Johnson makes football fun. Chad Johnson is entertainment. Moments before the play below, I said to the oldest, "Watch, next play will be a pass to Chad Johnson in the corner of the endzone." You can imagine how pleased I was when this happened:

The oldest was thrilled! He giggled at Chad's antics and was disappointed by the flag. Our seats were behind the Bengals sideline(thanks, Mom) and Chad sat down on a bench right in front of us. He looked at the crowd and pointed...his way of saying he had scored for us...and smiled that Chad Johnson smile.

The oldest sweared Chad looked right at him. Who was I to disagree?

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PHSChemGuy said...

No reason to destroy the kid's illusions...cute story, by the by...

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