Lies...all lies...

Don't worry...it's just a theme I've been happening into while traveling the interweb. Here are a couple of examples that have particularly cracked me up:

And, this is actually true. If you ever have to deal with a fruit fly invasion, you'll find that balsamic vinegar or it's 2nd cousin, red wine will help you catch a bunch of those little buggers. I hope you never have to deal with a fruit fly invasion though...we had one once and it was ridiculous. I still kind of freak out when I see one fly by...those beady red mutant eyes...ick.

Here's another...

This comes to us compliments of one of my favorite people to EVER set foot in my classroom. She'll be a famous artist someday and when she makes this little design into Christmas cards, I'll start sending them out again.

So, the point of today's post is entertainment. No message or unloading of baggage on my part like last weekend's post...just some fun wit to share while I watch it snow.

1 comment:

joey said...

she already is famous to me.

forrealsies, holy CARP is she good.

^the holy carp

P.S. I think I'm going to be seeing you in approx. 4 hours!!! YAYAYAYAY. i havent decided yet on if I'm gonna take a nap.

probs not.