We got the oldest a cell phone for Christmas. Hid it in his stocking, called it after he opened all of his other presents and suprised the holy crap out of him. Yesterday, he left the house with his dad to get haircuts (and apparently to purchase my Christmas present), so the little one and I set to work on adding phone numbers to his phone book, taking a picture of the dog and making it his screensaver and selecting just the right ring tone for the oldest to hear resounding from his stocking on Christmas morning. I think he hugged me for 3 whole minutes. We've got it on tape, so I can watch it again and again. Excellent.

The little one was surprised with a Wii and has been in the basement singing along with High School Musical 2 for the past half hour. I've already been for my walk, showered, dressed for the day - yes, I do look hot, if you're wondering - and made a killer breakfast. Literally...there was a whole pound of bacon and 14 link sausages for 4 people. I also made some amazing french toast. Thank you Alton Brown for the recipe. (I did switch out the half and half for skim milk and added cinnamon as well, you know, for my own special touch). Dad is on the couch taking a nap, the sounds of a drowning racoon - the little one singing "All for One" at the top of her lungs - coming up from the basement and the oldest texting his heart out...and, we went to church last night. All of this before noon, and grandma's house awaits for this afternoon's festivities.

It all adds up to a successful Christmas for me. Hope yours is just as great.

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