It's either this or type notes on Photosynthesis

It's been a long day of organizing closets and dresser drawers here at Calen's house and there's no way I can delve into the inner workings of the cholorplast right now...so instead, I'm going to entertain myself and talk about what I like for dessert.

If I'm craving something sweet, I'm typically headed for chocolate first - dark chocolate, in particular. I'm good with mixing chocolate with certain things: caramel, almonds, walnuts, pretzels...but oh god...NOT fruit.

Next on the list would be ice cream. I like vanilla best of all. Nice, plain and loaded with little flecks of vanilla bean...perfect. However, I do enjoy a turtle sundae as well. (see prior entry)

I don't enjoy fruity desserts. I enjoy fruit - solitary, cold pieces of fruit, but not cooked and added to pies, cakes, tarts, etc...except for the cherry. Cherry pie...oh happy day...I love cherry pie. I love the fake cherry goo that comes in a can, the kind of cherry pie that is tart and fresh, I love Hostess cherry pies...and I miss the McDonald's hot cherry pies. I used to burn the snot out of my mouth on those bad boys...

Cinnamon is also a favorite. Swirled into a coffee cake, mixed into a pie crust, crumb topping on top of a sourdough cake with cream cheese icing...it's more of a breakfast sweet, of course...but cinnamon is amazing stuff.

Finally, there's cheesecake. The sweet, sour, creamy tang of the first bite...if it's done right, you can feel the extra salivation ooze from the parotid glands. (shut up...I'm a biology teacher) I remember my first bite of cheesecake, baked perfectly by a good Jewish mother...I'm pretty sure I ate 4 pieces of the dessert that day and didn't even regret the stomach ache I suffered as a result. When it comes to cheesecake, however, I don't like to bastardize it with other crap. I've tried chocolate cheesecake...and I know, it should totally work: Cheesecake? GOOD! Chocolate? GOOD! But together - for me...it does not work. I've also made a pumpkin cheesecake and I'm not happy with that either. Again, two flavors that should work...but don't. Nope...I'm good with plain creamy cheesecake, the kind that sticks to your fork and your lips at the same time. (For me...but I told you already, I'm just writing this to entertain myself, so it's all about me)

Tomorrow, I'm going to organize the linen closet and do some laundry and budgeting. I'm going to need to finish the notes on photosynthesis, and at some point I need to grade a bunch of essays on genetically modified organisms...but after today's work, I needed to do something brainless for a while.

I did find out that the oldest doesn't have any bathing suits that fit - he tried on last year's and it was borderline obscene...and the little one has no shorts. They've both grown so much this year...I can't keep up.


PHSChemGuy said...

And just where would tiramisu gelato fall in the dessert continuum?

Grace said...

Ok, A-FREAKIN-MEN to the fruit thing. I have a perfectly fine relationship with fruit, but when fruit is mixed with anything else* I just feel like it's being unfaithful. It's like half of the fruity experience.

And duh the only good cheesecake is plain cheesecake. I thought everyone knew that....

P.S. We need to start some sort of alliance or something. Greg makes fun of me so much for this

*Yogurt, fruit dip, etc. being the exception

calencoriel said...

Ah, chemguy...tiramisu actually deserves its own post...And, tiramisu gelato? I'd figure out the public transit system in a different state to get that stuff again...or follow you, once you figured it out for us...