DNA - Is there anything you can't do??

While perusing the RSS feeds on my Google home page and avoiding the chores of the day, I came across this story from Discovery.com. I love the idea that DNA can now be extracted from artifacts so that we can determine what they were used to carry. It's going to give us a heck of a lot more information regarding the technology and the culture of ancient people. And, maybe we'll get a new recipe or two out of the deal - it could also help us to understand what kind of genetic changes or mutations have occurred in plants and animals during the course of time humans have been leaving their footprints on the planet. And...maybe...it could help us to understand what we need to do to enable our culture to sustain itself for a few more millenia instead of driving ourselves into extinction.

I know, I'm an optimistic sort...

And in other news...I was greatly saddened to hear of George Carlin's passing yesterday. He was the first stand up comic my dad introduced me to - at an age too young to hear the 7 words you can't say on television - and I've loved him ever since. From the football v. baseball bit to his cameo appearance in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the man was a comedic genius. Not to mention the fact that he was Catholic - so lots of great material there. Plus, his insight on the everyday world, his commentary on politics and human nature, and his work on children's shows should not go ignored. We lost a great man yesterday...we'll miss you George.

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PHSChemGuy said...

George Carlin is dead?

That news got missed on the vacation.