Good Luck...

In just two hours you'll know...

You'll know your IB Biology score assuming you held on to that piece of paper I gave you all back in May and told you not to lose.

You'll know if two years of dealing with me and the demands set by the International Baccalaureate Organisation paid off or not.

You'll know if I taught you what you needed to know and if you were able to recall the information necessary at the right time.

I won't know your scores till Thursday because I'm going up to Lake Erie tomorrow afternoon. I won't know your score unless you call me on my cell and tell me your score (and, please, call me and tell me your score)

If you earn a 4 or higher, stop by my mom's on the 15th for burgers, mac and cheese, salad, taco dip and ice cream cake. (I'll even grill a portabello burger for Avni and Rohan) If you earn a 6 or higher, I'll be taking you out to dinner before you leave for college in August.

I hope you all passed. I hope you learned what you needed to learn from me. I hope I helped you to test out of science at college or get you a little closer to your collegiate degree.

I'm thinking of you all tonight and hoping to hear from you tomorrow...text me, call me, whatever...just let me know.

Good Luck, guys...

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