"That was awful!"

This past weekend my family and I went on a little trip to the northern shores of Ohio. We traveled up to Cedar Point and then to Put-in-Bay. Good times all around, thanks for asking.

Before going on the trip, my kids and I decided to restock the trial sizes of shampoo, toothpaste, etc. After along day at Cedar Point riding crazy scary rides, we were cleaning up and getting ready for bed. My husband decided to brush his teeth and instead of using the trial size of toothpaste purchased for the trip, he brushed his teeth with my son's Clearasil acne treatment. His quote when he finished is the title of today's post. We laughed hysterically and contemplated calling poison control. It was pretty funny until he started blaming the three of us for his stupidity.

Apparently, the fact that there was a toothbrush by the Clearasil was enough evidence to cause my husband to not look at what he was doing or pay attention to what he was using to brush his teeth.

I wouldn't rant about his stupidity if it weren't for the fact that he pretty much goes through his life not paying attention to things. He'll empty the dishwasher and there will be three or four items not put away. His excuse? "Oh, I don't where those go..." He has no idea what's in the house or where anything goes. I don't understand an existence like that.

The best was the night we had friends over and I was serving dessert. I asked him to run upstairs to get our ice cream scoop. He dashed up the stairs to our kitchen to help me out, which was very nice of him. I then confided to our guests that we didn't have an ice cream scoop. My husband had no idea I had sent him on a senseless errand. We had been married for 15 years and never owned an ice cream scoop, and he had no idea.

On the upside, he just brought me some slices of sharp cheddar cheese which was nice. I'm kinda surprised he was able to find it, though...

PS. The oldest rode this ride at Cedar Point. I did not. I present to you the Millenium Force:

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