Only on the 8's...

I'm apparently only posting in August on dates that contain the number 8.

Anyhoo...Very excited about a couple of things:

1. School starts with actual students tomorrow. I'm going to be glad to go in and actually see students in their seats and get my job/career underway. The way the contract works, I've had to be at school the past three days and I've been spending lots of time talking about how to teach, what to teach, things to do to support the students...and damn - I'm ready to meet the kids and get going with the year. Bizarrely psyched about the fact that I'll be sitting here on Thursday night grading multiple choice questions and grading essays this Sunday...

2. While I grade, I'll get to watch the LoTR triumverate of spectacularity on TNT, my new favorite network.

3. This is incredibly cool. Check it out!

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achilles3 said...

the Lego display would have been cooler with some free Tibet protesters getting detained!