Gonna be a good night...

Ever since I was a little kid and my dad told me to count the seconds between the lightening strikes and the thunder to see how far away the storm was, I've enjoyed storms.

The wind, the pounding rain, loud claps of thunder, lightening bolts...I love that stuff. I used to sit on my porch at my old house and watch the storm come over the house across the street...and then run into the house at the last minute before the rain started to blow onto the porch. As a lifeguard, I used to watch the clouds build over the golf course and move up to the club house. After seven summers of working at the pool, I got pretty good and knowing when the storm was going to hit and could get the deck cleared before the storm hit. Since I worked at a country club, it was important to get the towels to the laundry before the storm hit - if you didn't the laundry cart was TOO HEAVY to move.

I remember collecting hailstones after the Super Outbreak of 1974 and putting them in the freezer. Me and the kids collect hailstones everytime they fall and don't melt before we can get out there to grab them.

Tonight, there's some pretty crazy wind rattling the shutters at Casa de Calencoriel...and I'm looking forward to snuggling under the blankets and enjoying the storm tonight. I dig storms big time.

OOoohh...maybe this winter we'll get really lucky and have thundersnow!

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Bdubba said...

I remember my Grandmother who was VERY prim and proper hiding under her bed during thunderstorms. I tended to play in the puddles in our dirt drive way. I am with you. There is something inspiring about them. I am always in awe.