Well...that was weird.

I don't think I can mention it enough, but I have a strong dislike for Michigan. The hatred is difficult for me bc I've had two pretty spectacular students attend the "institution" and they've turned out okay, and I actually enjoy keeping up with them and find myself impressed with them again and again. It just doesn't make sense that they'd have chosen such a crappy school for their collegiate experience.

And then something like this happens and all I can do is laugh. The early predictions missed what the final score would be, and I mean...we all know I'll be glued to the TV on the 22nd to watch the big rivalry and it looks like the Bucks should be able to walk all over that stinky team from up north (provided Pryor can remember he's not the only player on the team and he doesn't need to go on a 20 yard run each time the keeper play is called - that and to stop running backwards away from the line of scrimmage...)But to have my alma mater kick their ass in the big house? Well, that was unexpected...that's not supposed to happen...that's just weird.

But I liked it...a lot. Toledo's career record against Michigan, you ask?

1 - 0.

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cmorin said...

When the score was announced, Ohio Stadium went crazy. It was awesome.