Mom, interrupted...

Well, let's see - what have I been up to all summer that's prevented me from blogging regularly?

I've been organizing and driving the oldest to all his activities. I've started and stopped more activities this week and even though I've accomplished many things, I feel like all of these things have been done half-assed because I haven't worked from start to finish on any of them for an entire day.

The oldest had baseball and basketball camp all week - and a day of school on Monday. I had to get him to camps and then take him from one camp to the other and then to baseball practice or to a baseball game every day this week. It's been frustrating because I have to keep stopping what I'm working on to get him where he needs to be meanwhile, he's not doing a damn thing to contribute to the overall organization of the house.

So far, the following things have been organized. Let me clarify, organized means that I've taken everything out of said area, cleaned out the area and thrown out the majority of the clutter and then put the things deemed worthy of keeping where they belong. Sometimes, I even buy a new storage container for the items to be kept. That's when it gets exciting.

Okay, so here's what I've done:

1. Cleaned the deck. Scrubbed the grill, the picnic table and chairs, and disinfected a cooler that is now housed on the deck for outdoor dinners.

2. Organized the pantry. I have WAY too many bags of various kinds of chips for cookies. Look for a post on baking cookies later in the summer. I plan to give said cookies to G-Race and Allie bc I love them.

3. Organized/cleaned the fridge. Mostly just organized. I did a really good job of this during spring break and have kept it clean since so it was just some maintenance organization and nothing like last year's battle with the Kracken of yogurt. No puking this year...go me!

4. Organized/cleaned my closet. All my sweaters are folded and in stacks of matching colors. I own no blue sweaters. I also have too many black sweaters and too many red sweaters. All my hanging clothes are organized by color and type. I have no red skirts. I don't know why...my closet is very monochromatic. Patterns do not exist.

5. Organized/cleaned the laundry room. This was a huge ordeal last year, but this year it was merely reorganizing the stuff that was down there. I have 22 items that need to be ironed before school starts up again. There is time for this. This is not that time. I'll let you know when it's finished...

6. Organized/cleaned the garage. This is the true accomplishment because it involved cooperation on the part of the husband. This does not happen easily. He's a packrat and I lit a fire under his ass to pitch LOTS of stuff...and it happened. I no longer cringe when the garage door opens. Everything currently housed in my garage is actually something the family uses and is needed.

7. The little one's room is organized and the only clothes in her room are clothes that fit and (and here's the kicker) are clothes she'll actually wear. Good times there because the little one did this all herself - props to her for that. I tell you, the kid organizes the crap out of things. I'm employing her to help with my classroom later in July because I know she'll put stuff in better order than I'll ever ever think of even on my best organizational day. She's turning into a spectacular little chick...

8. Successfully avoided going back into school. First time EVER since becoming department chair. I have answered phone calls from the head dude at PHS, but I haven't gone back into the building and I'm proud of myself for that. I do have to meet with a pretty important dude at CO on Tuesday, but I agreed to that so it's cool.

What's on the slate for the rest of the summer? Well...we have to organize the oldest's room. The kid grew a foot this year and very little will fit him when back to school time hits in late August.

Both kids want new paint in their bedrooms, the little one's (who is now 11) decor is Disney Princess and she desparately wants to express herself in a more mature manner.

The oldest is currently sporting The Ohio State University and wants to go with a Big Blue theme...he's also written on his walls with black Sharpie so we'll need to deal with that.

There's a bunch of stupid crap on top of my refrigerator. I don't know what it is, but I'll be getting rid of it...or at least storing it somewhere more appropriate than the top of the refrigerator.

I'm going to go through the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and maybe getting some new stuff to put in there...bc I dig new stuff.

Last but not least, I'll be straightening the guest room. This is last because once that's organized, there's nothing stopping the mother-in-law from visiting...and that's another post.

In addition to all of this, I'll be getting the oldest to all his baseball related activities. All Star try outs are Monday at 6:30...keep your fingers crossed, and I'll have lots of pics of the team and the tournaments throughout the rest of the summer. (fingers crossed...of course)

The little one has her ballet recital on June 21st so there's lots to do there too. Her costume is insanely gorgeous...don't worry, I'll post a pic where you can see the tutu, but not be able to tell which one she is...

btw...the pic at the top of the post has nothing to do with the post, it's just more funny from xkcd.com and it's pretty much the cleanest "your mom" joke they have on the site so I went for it.

It's summer...turn off the computer and do something!!

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