Enjoy yourself...I know I did.

Okay, so the little one and I just spent the last two hours on this site...clicking away on any link that struck our fancy.

She petered out long before I did. I'm a much bigger nerd, apparently. The cool Griffindor friendship bracelet I'm wearing is testimony to that fact.

Especially because I got the cool Griffindor friendship bracelet last week at the midnight showing of Half Blood Prince and haven't taken it off since.

It all started when she innocently asked me when Harry, Ron and Hermione's birthdays were.

Yes, of course I knew Harry's - next Saturday, same as my Grandpa's in fact. But I had to look up the others...and then the fun began.

I love summer.

Oh, btw...is anyone else enjoying Tosh.0 on Comedy Central as much as I am?

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cmorin said...

I haven't seen much of Tosh's show, but I will say I LOVE his stand-up. He performed on campus and I think I cried my way through it.