What I failed to mention...

2009 Champions - Hamilton WSLL

In my last post, I mentioned that I was out of town at a baseball tournament for the oldest. What I failed to mention was that the baseball tournament was the Ohio State Little League Championship tournament and the winner would be representing Ohio at the Little League Great Lakes Regional Tournament in Indianapolis. The winner of that tournament goes on to represent the Great Lakes Region at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

The boys won the state tournament. They're going to INDY for regionals. The oldest is going to get to stay at the Little League facility for at least a week - longer if they make it to tournament play. He'll stay in dorms with 72 other 11-13 year olds and play baseball, watch baseball, practice baseball and probably not think of his mom or summer reading or anything else for a week and a half.

This group of boys has never won the state title. I know lots of teams can say that, but not where my kid plays. A district title is expected from our All Star teams in each age group each year. We send two teams in each age group to districts and a win is expected from these kids. It's crazy, but it's what they do in Hamilton. Being able to finally win the state title in the year when Williamsport is a possibility is fantastic for these boys. To say we're excited for this opportunity in the Calencoriel Home is an understatement.

The oldest and I have talked about this the entire year. He's talked about making sure he gets as many Facebook friends as possible, wanting to link himself to baseball playing kids all across the country. He wants to get cell phone numbers and Facebook addresses in Williamsport too so he can be as international as possible. He is so excited to talk baseball to kids from our region as well as the MidWest region since both tournaments are played in INDY. He'll get to meet boys from all over.

I've been careful not to blog about the summer and all the baseball. Stupid superstitions kept me from doing so...not wanting to jinx the boys, etc. Each morning up at state when the team had a game, I'd wake up sick to my stomach, nervous about the game. When you're as much of a control freak as I am, it's difficult to let go and hope that your kid will get what he's been hoping for even though there's nothing you can do to help make it happen for them. The older he gets, the more this is going to happen and I'm going to need to get better at letting him fight his own battles or I'm gonna die early.

Some of our superstitions were fun though. I had to bring the oldest a waffle from the complimentary breakfast in the lobby bc I did it the morning of the first game and they won that so of course, that's why they won.

We had to hold our reading sessions the afternoons before each game bc we did it the afternoon of the first game and they won that, so of course, that's why they won.

The boys involved in the reading sessions had to sit in the same places in our tiny hotel room bc we did it that way two afternoons, and they won those two games, so of course, that's why they won.

The oldest gave me his phiten before each game since they couldn't wear them on the field and I wore it the first night and they won so of course that's why they won and I had to wear it during every other game after that.

I'm sure there were more superstitions going on in the other 12 rooms of the little Days Inn where we stayed. (The manager of the place actually posted "Go Hamilton" on the marquee for the boys and came to each one of their games.)

Its been the summer of baseball - one we've planned for and one the oldest has worked for. Let's just hope that in another month I'm blogging about Williamsport.

If you're interested in following their progress at regionals, check it out - or just drive up to Indy, admission is free!


Bdubba said...

Major Congrats and good luck vibes for future games!!!

achilles3 said...

that's SWEET!
good luck BIG BLUE!