I don't know where this came from...

I don't know where it came from. I don't know why this is a dream of mine...but somehow I've got this fantasy of spending Christmas with my family in a tiny little cottage in a foreign country somewhere...

Okay, honestly I know two things that may have planted this scene in my brain. One is from a now defunct online comic and the other is a picture painted in my head from a book that I once read. In the first, the online comic author took a hiatus from his ridiculous posts over the Christmas holidays bc he was going to a cottage in Poland where his internet connection was going to be spotty at best. The idea of being so isolated during the most holy day of the year...only communicating with the people of the village, taking some solitude and thinking about the "reason for the season" intrigued me. I imagined a Christmas morning like that in Whoville...people holding hands in the town square, singing carols and then retiring to our tiny cottage, cooking a small bird and enjoying the family around a hearty fire.

The other impetus for this fantasy of mine is a specific chapter from HPDH...yes, Harry Potter. Shut up. Seriously...the picture painted of Godric's Hollow on Christmas Eve as Harry and Hermione explore the cemetery of Harry's ancestors is absolutely gorgeous. The town pub, the lights from the tiny village, the snow, the comraderie of the townsfolk is so heartwarming...it makes me want to go to there.

I don't know that I'll ever pack up the family over Winter Break and whisk them off to some eastern block snow packed cottage...or even enjoy Christmas in some tiny village in England...but the idea is there, and that's a good thing.

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