Illegal in 37 states...

...it's probably not, but it should be.

Check it out. I'm pretty sure you can see me drooling from where you are right now. I don't know when...but I'm gonna make this. There will have be lots of people around to eat it so I don't die of a heart attack the day after I make it.

Hey Chemguy - If I make this think I can lure you away from the book burning?


PHSChemGuy said...

specifically "on Halloween"?

The Girl and I are pretty well locked down that night since all the kids in the neighborhood will be looking for her. She has mentioned that we haven't gotten together in a fair while, though, and she misses doing that.

Then again, the church is going to have "all the fixings". Are you offering "all the fixings", too?

calencoriel said...

It's pasta - cheese - and bacon.

What other "fixings" are you gonna need?

And, no, not specifically on Halloween - I'm just going to make it and probably bring you a small container to work is all.