The Trifecta!!!

Each weekend of the fall, I hope that the trifecta of football wins will occur. In order for this to be acheived, all three football teams in which I'm interested need to win.

It happened this weekend!

PHS 21 Oak Hills 20

OSU 31 Wisc 17

Bengals 17 Ravens 14 (really didn't think this one would happen)

I know...it's like I won the lottery. Now, if our upstairs shower was working and I wasn't about to be $800 for a plumber, it'd be darn near perfect.

PS. If you're interested, you can print off today's picture and color!!


joey said...

or save and photoshop!!!


calencoriel said...

Ah yes...you're the only one in 11 years of teaching to perfect that art...no one before or since.

Everyone else just uses colored pencils...wusses.

cmorin said...

Wusses? I beg to differ. I think that the truly bold and daring would use Paint. None of this photoshop crap.