It's getting very interesting...

I'm really enjoying the fact that the Bengals are having a winning season. Two wins against the Steelers is pretty much enough for me to qualify the season as a success. That's good stuff.

I'm also enjoying the fact that the Bengals are looking toward making things a little more interesting this year. Signing Larry Johnson could be an extremely beneficial (and affordable) move for the team. According to the pic above, the guy can fly...

I know I'll be rooting for him against the Browns on the 29th of this month. I'm also happy that this year when I get to make my annual trip to PBS the game is going to matter.

Oh, and favorite line from the MNF announcers tonight: "I'm waiting for Brady Quinn to DO something..."

yes...and so is all of Cleveland.

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joey said...

im waiting for brady quinn to stop looking so good.

oh wait, thats not gonna happen