Ah...it looks like we're screwed.

Things look unbelievably bleak for the calencoriel clan vacation this year. We're scheduled to stay in Key Largo from July 24th - July 31st with my mom and dad, my two sisters and my niece and nephew.

Mom and dad sent the check for the remainder of the rental fee to the guy at the rental office last week via certified mail and according to the tracking number, the check never got there. Apparently the address on the contract they sent us in February was wrong, so the postal system is sending the check back to mom and dad. We've been trying to call the guy at the rental office since Wednesday to see what's up and he refuses to get back to my husband.

I called him this evening, you know, to put a woman's spin on things and I actually got a call back (twice). Here's what I found out:

a. When he didn't get our check by Saturday of last week, he rented out the unit we reserved to someone else
b. He's got all kinds of properties he can rent to us
c. He's trying to get things resolved
d. He'll call us tomorrow to let us know what he's been able to figure out
e. He had no idea we had 12 people in our party
f. I should have known something was up when he had the word elegance spelled wrong on the website.

Yeah...not very encouraging, is it?

So...we've googled him and it looks like he's got quite a reputation and it's looking like we're not going on vacation next week. It's also looking like we won't be getting our money back without litigation.

I'm not feeling very optimistic regarding what he's going to tell us tomorrow when he supposedly calls us back.

What do you think?


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achilles3 said...

Just go to Dale Hollow or something instead.

PHSChemGuy said...

So, do we get an update on where you ended up going instead of Key Largo?