Thank you, universe.

I have a nail in the sidewall of my driver's side rear tire. I didn't know this from a flat tire, but because a concerned citizen at Target took the time in the cold, windy parking lot to write me a note and stick it in my windsheild wiper.

Thank you, unknown kind person, for your concern. You have probably saved me a disasterous drive to school and maybe even helped to protect my daughter as well. I wouldn't have looked at that tire and it could blow because of that nail.

My plans for the car tomorrow involved driving to school, taking my daughter to ballet and then home again. At no point was a trip to Tire Discounters on my mind and that tire could have blown at any time during those trips tomorrow.

I've called on a bunch of favors for tomorrow so that my family and I can keep our schedules of work, ballet, baseball weights, study tables, walking, etc... My best friend (he hates it when I call him that)is taking me to school and to Tire Discounters afterwards (at a time I dictate, mind you), my brother and sister-in-law are getting the car and taking it to Tire Discounters for me during the school day so that it's finished when I get dropped off. So...aside from the money I'll be out, and an extra errand after school, my day will barely be affected by this inconvenience.

It's funny...this entry started off as me wanting to bitch and vent about my misfortune...but once I got started putting my thoughts to words, I realized that I'm kinda lucky.

No one got hurt...I didn't wreck my car...I have a whole bunch of people in my life willing to help when I ask and need them so I can go about my day as I originally planned.

I'm really lucky. Kinda sad it took a nail in my tire for me to realize it.

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