This is my dog...

Before the kids opened their presents, the dog was able to see what santa sent her. My husband put her bag under the tree along with all the other gifts from santa before we went to sleep Christmas Eve night. My dog was able to smell her gift of snausages immediately and wanted to open the gift right away.

We've got the indoor electric fence around the tree however and the bag was within the perimeter of the electric force field and the dog wasn't able to penetrate the barrier. She cried and whined and barked at the tree until we took her to bed.

Then she paced and paced Christmas Even night until we finally let her open the package Christmas morning...as you can see, she was pretty excited.


PHSChemGuy said...

That was enthralling.

Nice job putting the old wubba in the shot so we could see the future fate of the new one.

calencoriel said...

It was funny to us...and besides, at least I'm updating my blog and managed to include an entry that wasn't filled with parenting angst.

joey said...

at least your animal opened his/her present. I had to personally open the absurd amount of catnip i got for our two princesses, then proceed to scatter it over the floor and their new mousey before they gave two bats of a tail.

the only thing these cats are making me do is realize that after they die i will make sure there will never be another cat in my life