So...this doesn't make much sense

My husband spends approximately 22 hours a day on Ohio sports forums online...he's got updates sent to his phone, he knows the new basketball coach at your school weeks before it's been announced in your community, he knows coaching positions are open before the coach in question announces their retirement...it's a thing and 119/120 times, I hate it.

But sometimes, he mentions something that isn't necessarily sports related and I take notice.

Like tonight...he brought up this little gem involving our retarded governor. (My apologies to actual retarded people)

Apparently, Mr. Kasich has offered Bob Evans 8 million dollars to move their headquarters from New Albany, Ohio to Columbus. No jobs will be created, no gain for the state of Ohio...no idea why this is a good idea for the state or for tax payer money. But, hell, he's governor and he loves their coconut cream pie, I guess.

At least now I know where the $8million short fall from the state to the Princeton City Schools is going. That should help assuage the emotions of the teachers who found out they were cut today.

Yeah...that should help.

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PHSChemGuy said...

On the bus or under the bus...you make the choice...