Happily Ever After...

Ever since my post about I am Legend scaring the crap out of me and my realization that I didn't see a movie in 2007 that had a happy ending, I've been more than a little bent on fixing that and seeing a movie with a nice tidy little ending where everyone goes home happy.

Last night I took the kids to dinner and a movie. We saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Thankfully, this choice beat out that chipmunk flick...I had been wanting to see Golden Compass as a glance at my "nerd tendencies" will show you, I'm a bit of a wizard fan and the giant polar bears in this one really had me wanting to see it. But no one else in the group has wanted to see it and so the sequel won out.

We had seen the first movie and it seemed harmless enough. Indiana Jones type adventure with a few cracks and typical jokes along the way. Nice action sequences as the group looks for Cibola, the lost city of gold. The kids liked the movie and it ends all nice and tidy the way I wanted it. Almost amazingly so, in fact. spoiler warning... although, I'm thinking that with my reading audience, I'm safe spoiling this one..

A 32 year estranged relationship is mended, Abigail and Ben are back together, Riley gets his car back, the bad guy dies, the city of gold is found and Ben clears his grandfather's name. The president turns out to be the coolest guy ever and even dismisses the kidnapping charges against Ben and alludes to a third movie. The kiss at the end even fades to a scene with fireworks.

The best part about the movie, in my opinion is the fact that I took three little tweens with me and was never once worried about what they were viewing. No cursing, no nudity, no sex or sexual innuendo, a few scary sequences of action - only scary b/c you didn't know how our heroes would escape, and the action and plot were interesting enough to hold my interest as well. Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney are a good combo for this type of movie - we all know the Pirates of the Caribbean story. And, I'm guessing based on box office stats for both of these movies, they're both happy with their union.

We even got a little bonus from Disney. The movie began with a short little animated Goofy cartoon reminding me of how all Disney movies used to start. A cute little bonus for Disney fans young and old.

Plus, the oldest got to see the Iron man trailer which thanks to his recent acquistion of the Marvel Wii game - thanks, Chemguy - he's now itching to see. And, we got to see the trailer for the new Batman movie. And, I have to say that looks promising as well...even though I've been disappointed by the other Batman movies I've seen.

I'll leave you with a list of movies - in no particular order...only as they pop into my head - I intend to see in 2008. I'll check back mid-year and let you know how many I've actually seen and what (if any) I've added to the list.

The Dark Knight
Iron man
Spiderwick Cronicles
Prince Caspian
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - no trailer yet and I don't have the patience right now to wait for imdb to load. I know it's being released around Thanksgiving 2008 and like the rest of those films...I'll be there.

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