Just Souper!

Today I woke up and decided it was time to make enough soup to last me until the campaign* is over. So, a quick list and trip to the Jungle, and I was in business. I made 4 different recipes of soup today, no bowl contains more than 250 calories, 5 grams of fat, and each bowl contains less than 100mg of cholesterol. Part of the New Year's resolution? Not really...more part of the daily regimen I've adopted, and a way to procrastinate from grading IA's but still feel like I'm accomplishing something. Don't worry seniors, the IA's will be graded by January 3rd...I just haven't brought myself to do it just yet.

The recipes included chicken tortellini (thank you, Mrs. Raabe), Italian Bolognese, Chicken vegetable, and Chicken Fajita. Here's what it looked like when I had three different pots going at once:

After all the recipes were able to cool a bit, they were then placed into the awaiting plastic containers. Here are said plastic containers waiting for their contents and then again after they've been filled with souptastic goodness:

After the soups had cooled a bit more, I added them to the freezer in the garage where they await consumption during the school year. I was able to make 30 different containers of soup and by my count, that means I won't need to restock again until February 16th. (which is actually kind of problematic b/c I'll be out of town that weekend and unable to restock for myself...so I'll probably make another batch at some point between now and then - it just won't be the extravaganza witnessed in my kitchen this afternoon.

Here's the full freezer:

Oh...I also made a lasagne.

*the campaign is the Pasta for Pennies campaign and I'll be speaking about that at length in an upcoming post and then referring to it ad naseum thereafter.


Grace said...

After I read this post for the first time, I thought "Huh... I hope that I'm that organized and prepared when I have to plan meals daily someday."

But then I thought "Wait... If that means I have to document my soup making/storing process and post it on my blog as 'Just Souper!' (which was very clever by the way, it made me laugh) then maybe I can handle making my meals on the spot..."


Soup looks delicious by the way!

calencoriel said...

Keep in mind that I've been preparing and organizing the meals like this way before I started keeping a blog. I was just messing around and taking pics of the soups and stuff thinking about making it a blog entry and then posted it.

Plus, it was fun to irritate the husband by taking pictures for the blog b/c it just plain irritates him that I keep a blog.

Hey, we're cooking the lasagne tonight so there will be extra for Thursday and Friday - you want me to bring you some to try on one of your many visits to my classroom once we're back?

Grace said...

Well considering the fact that the value of food increases one hundred times when its at school, definitely :-)

See you tomorrow!