Yes, this is on my google calendar...shut up.

Tonight on the season premiere of Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman will be creating a cake for the big Hollywood premiere of Order of the Phoenix. For those of you who know me - which would be the people reading this blog - tonight will kinda be like the day peanut butter met chocolate a perfect marriage of favorites. Seriously, tonight rivals Jim Tressel explaining photosynthesis. Here we see a picture of the master himself constructing the cake:

I love this show. I love watching these people make the cakes and how they have to play around with physics and chemistry to make something that's still edible look incredible. It's funny too, because when I first heard that Duff Goldman was getting his own show on Food Network, I was pissed. He had never won a Food Network Challenge, most of his cakes on the challenges fell apart or he was trying too hard and he always seemed like he didn't care. He seemed to pull his designs out of his butt and nothing ever worked for him. I didn't think he deserved a show and I found his personality to be quite obnoxious.

Plus, it's reality TV which I typically avoid like the plague.

Then I watched a couple of episodes and I got hooked. The cake creations are amazing, the people really seem to like each other and are quite witty, and they all seem to be pretty genuinely surprised by their fame and fortune. When Duff gets to make a cake for a celeb, he's starstruck and hilarious to watch. The tennis ball birthday cake for Martina Navratilova and basketball cake for Carmello Anthony come to mind.

The last snippet I'll share before getting on with my evening...only another 40 minutes to kill before the family gets home...is how much they showcase the city of Baltimore in the show. It looks like a great place to live and I enjoy watching Duff and the rest of the Charm City Cakes staff give back to the community...

So, tonight at 10:00, I'll be comfy cozy watching the season premiere combined with Harry Potter fun. So...um...dont' call.

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