Btw...I'm Catholic

I've been a practicing Catholic for 40 years. I've never eaten meat on a Friday during Lent. I've broken many a lenten resolution...but the whole meat on Fridays during Lent...no biggie. I miss meat...I want meat...I wish I could eat meat, but I don't. I try not to be holier than thou when it comes to not eating meat on Fridays in Lent, but I know that the people who are around me know I won't eat meat on a Friday in Lent. I say things like, "don't worry about me, I'll find something" when we're at a fast food restaurant on our way to Gatlinburg...but I feel like I'm drawing attention to myself.

Usually, I'm all good when the attention is on me. I usually do stuff so that the attention is on me. Hell, I'm a teacher...talk about wanting attention...but, I digress. It's weird...for me, my faith, my religion...that's private. And I think it should be private for everyone...celebrate your faith, your belief system, your religion in private and leave me out of it. I know I'm throwing it all out there with this post and all...but that's different. No one reads this, so it's cool.

Anyway...faith...religion...I want that to be a private thing. I want to not eat meat on Friday and have no one actually realize I've not eaten meat. I want to give up whatever for Lent and have no one know I've given anything up, just deal with my personal struggle and grow and whatever without proclaiming it from the mountaintops or anything like that.

So anyway...today was Friday and I couldn't eat meat...and I wanted a bacon sandwich all day.

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PHSChemGuy said...

Yesterday's breakfast - bacon and egg sandwich...juice...

lunch - roast beef sandwich with leftover bacon from breakfast (side of cut veggies, potato chips)

dinner - pizza with sausage and proscuito...

The First Church of the Apathist Rising doesn't hold to the same lentin traditions as does your faith.