I'm Getting Nervous

We've got five work days till the 5K and with last week's chopped up work week, we've got a heck of a lot of things to do...plus with all the snow and ice from last week, I've got no idea what the streets of Historic Glendale look like or how navigable they're going to be on Saturday next week...or how much it's going to snow/ice between now and then.

In other news, it looks like this campaign hss beat last year's campaign and when all is said and done we should beat our goal for this year...but I'm not gonna be able to relax and enjoy that accomplishment till after the 5K


Craig said...

Thats awesome that you guys are doing so great. Congrats. But I must ask, did anyone beat our class total?

calencoriel said...

Dude...you guys raised over $12,000 as a class of just 25 kids. If we would have submitted our total alone, we would have placed 21st in the nation. They came nowhere near beating your class total from last year.

They did come in first again, though raising about $7000 total and worked their tails off for three weeks - including the last day of the campaign which was a surprise snow day. Kevin, Kara, Kendall and Greg all went to Indian Hills and shoveled driveways. It was an amazing last day...plus we have tons of outstanding money to add to the final total...and hopefully lots more during the 5K next week.

Craig said...

Thats very exciting. I'm glad you guys are going to make your goal this year. I'm even a tad jealous.