The Upcoming Geekend

This weekend Spike TV is showing not one, not two, but ALL SIX Star Wars episodes. I KNOW!!! Talk about a dream come true... They're starting with Phantom Menace, moving straight to Attack of the Clones (which I always refer to as Bring in the Clones, much to the dismay of the oldest) and then the world broadcast premiere of Revenge of the Sith. They will be following up with A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi...all six...all at once. I know what you're thinking...how will other basic cable stations compete with that??

Um...LoTR, anyone? TBS will be countering the Spike Geekathon by showing all three extended editions of Lord of the Rings. In addition to showing the best trilogy ever made, TBS has gone one better and put together some pretty hilarious commericals to lure you to their station. I offer two of my favorites:

I just hope it rains all weekend so I don't have to feel guilty about not leaving the house till Monday morning.


Grace said...

Geekend. Good word, almost as good as souper.

TL said...

I probably wouldn't start watching until AFTER Phantom Menace was over... :) I'm such a hater, I know... I have yet to see the director's cuts of LotR, so that would make for an extra special number of hours loaded with sugar and caffeine in the hopes of enjoying the whole thing!

calencoriel said...

sadly, I don't need the sugar and caffeine to stay awake to enjoy the whole thing...I stay awake without issue...

and I have all the extended editions with all kinds of extras if you'd like to borrow sometime...just let me know.

And G-Race, I was extra proud of Geekend, thanks!