The newest side effect(s)...

This morning, at 6:30am, I went for my usual 5K walk around the 'burbs and since it was so early, there was a bit of chill in the air. I noticed that, while swinging my arms so as to maximize my aerobic workout, my fingers and the tops of my hands were all tingley. It felt as if I had slept on both my hands and the feeling was coming back into them...for 45 minutes. It was wierd, but I got home, showered and went to the little one's softball game and didn't think much more about it.


I was sitting at the game in the full sun and the hands started up again with the tingling...only this time it was more than just tingley...it was kind of like burning. I figured it was because I was sitting directly in the light of the sun and I was just getting a little warm. I took the little one home so I could get her ready for her three hour mandatory rehearsal for tomorrow's ballet recital. While fixing her lunch, I made a sink full of soapy bubbles for cleaning and when putting my hands into the warm water, the tingley feeling was back - with a vengance! It felt like burning! Tingling/burning/raw, exposed nerve endings...not fun at all.

My thoughts were that perhaps there was some kind of circulation issue or I was going insane - the insane part being more likely as I've been a bit of a basketcase lately due to the antibiotic and the happyfun anxiety that accompanies tetracycline.

Then, at the three hour mandatory rehearsal (no, not bitter about that time being taken out of my life, not bitter at all) the other mom-helper mentioned how red my face was. I looked in the dressing room mirror and noticed that I did, in fact, look like a raccoon. It was bad. I had read that the antibiotic would make me more sensitive to the sun and answered that I was on an antibiotic and that was why I got burned so quickly - even through 45 spf - this morning. The mom-helper then queried if I was on tetracycline and I confirmed that this was the case.

She then told me that when she took tetracycline a while back she felt the weirdest tingling feeling on her fingers and on the tops of her hands!!!


I was so relieved. I'm not insane. (YET) I'm just on really funky medication that is apparently manifesting every freaking side effect possible on my body.

Yay me!!!

PS. I will finish the full course of the antibiotic on Monday evening and the MRSA is clearing up quite nicely. Look for a more normal post after the 23rd.

PPS. The oldest's WSLL team is in the finals of the city tournament this Tuesday night. We're kind of excited around here.

PPPS. Weight loss is now at 11 pounds. I dig that side effect.

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PHSChemGuy said...

Big, major congrats on the 11 lb thing...

And on the tingling and such...