So, here's what I've been up to lately...

I added like 10 recipes of summer salads to my recipe box on the Food Network webpage.

I unsuccessfully tried to imitate my mother's spinach ball recipe - trial two coming up this weekend. Unfortunately, my mom lost the recipe so I'm trying to re-invent it.

I've organized all the Christmas wrapping paper, crafts and kid's toys in the basement. (This was a two day event that basically led me to understand that my kids have way too many toys and I never need to purchase another gift bag for ANY occasion again)

I've scrubbed the wooden blinds in the kitchen.

I've gotten caught up on the laundry.

I washed all the bedspreads, mattress pads and bathroom throw rugs.

I've walked every day, first thing in the morning so I don't have to do that annoying clothes changing thing...

I've lost nine pounds...

I've read last two months of Toothpaste for Dinner for no reason.

I caught MRSA from my daughter and now I'm on a double course of antibiotic and I'm really enjoying two of the side effects of the medication: anxiety and nausea! The MRSA manifested itself on the front of my left thigh...it's hideous. However, the heat from the laptop acts as a nice subsitute for the warm compresses I've been advised to apply.

I bought all new pillows for every bed in the house.

We've gone to the dentist.

I've had my annual physical.

I've done nothing toward the curriculum guide I need to finish before school starts - which is alarmingly two months from TODAY.

I made my son brinner tonight and he helped. (Way more fun that you'd think)

On slate for tomorrow: cleaning out the fridge and pantry and organizing the board games behind the bar. My kids have too many toys.

Aren't you glad you checked in today?

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achilles3 said...

I read a book,
played piano,
worked out,
played on the internet,
listened to new music,
caught up with NPR,
and got ready to go out to have some drinks.

ah being single in a foreign country...