Not even a little helpful...

About ten minutes ago, the phone rang. I was busy cleaning the blinds in the kitchen (aw yeah, I
know how to party during my summer break), so the little one answered the phone.

She said nothing, just stood there with a blank look, clearly not comprehending a word she was hearing. She hung up the phone and then said, "There's some reception for some Gary Wumba or something...I think it was Princeton..." A quick look at caller ID, and I see that it was, indeed, my district.

Earlier this year, the district decided it would be a good thing to purchase an automated service that calls everyone in the district whenever something important goes down. Snow days, calamities, things like that...and apparently receptions for the new superintendent.

I have no other information because, sadly, we actually answered the phone and listened to the information...or the little one did. So...really, not that helpful at all.

In other news, West Side Little League is now selling beef jerky at the concession stands.

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