You Shall Not Pass!!!

Probably the best line in a movie, ever... I mean, come on...all the hobbitts and elves and dwarfs and men have made it across the bridge of Khazad Dum btw, spelled that correctly without looking it up first. Yep...I'm a nerd. and then Gandalf is left to fight that freaking Balrog and he has the stones to just take his staff and tell that Balrog how it is. I about died when I first saw it. What a bad ass...no one can top it.

There have been a few contenders.

There's the part in Fellowship of the Ring when Aragorn grabs Frodo at the Inn of the Prancing Pony after Frodo has put on the ring and disappeared and then Aragorn takes off his hood and says, "You're drawing far too much attention to yourself, Mr. Underhill"

There's the part in Two Towers when Aragorn comes back from falling off the cliff and opens the doors of the castle of Rohan to announce his return. (and yes, I know this doesn't happen in the book and for the most part, I still haven't forgiven Peter Jackson for the artistic license he took during the second film, but the ultimate hotness of Viggo Mortensen allows me to forgive this transgression.)

There's the part in Return of the King when the orcs catapult the heads of the vanquished Gondorian soldiers back into the White City. I clapped and said, "OH YES!" out loud at 3:10 am in the movie theatre when that happened. (seriously, ask Corey)

There's the part in Return of the King when Sam picks up Frodo and says, "If I can't carry the ring for you Mr. Frodo, then I'll carry you!" Everyone thinks it's Aragorn b/c of my crush on Viggo, but Sam is my favorite character...you don't find loyalty like that every day.

There's the part in Return of the King when Aragorn kisses Arwen right after he's been coronated. I made an audible sound in the theatre when that happened as well...don't go to movies with me, just saying...

And then, tonight - spoiler alert, I'm gonna try for Chemguy's technique here with coloring - it's not going to be as good as his though because I'm just going to try a close match with the colors I have available from the compose view because I don't know all the html codes for every color available, and he does - so highlight the next few lines if you've already seen the movie...the Joker's truck completely flipped upside down in The Dark Knight. Excellent scene...makes the movie...I don't care if you can tell Gary Oldman has an English accent when he's ordering the troops around and he tries to mask it by making it sound Bronx or something or that Christian Bale's Welsh accent shows on his lips every time he says a work with an "S" or an "L" in it. I don't care that even after half of Dent's mouth is burned off he still has perfect diction and ennunciation when he speaks. The truck flip was spectacular.

I dare future movies to impress me after watching that.

Go ahead, try.


TL said...

Actually, I found Sam to be the hottest Hobbit there was. Sweet, cute, loyal, funny, handsome. Yup. I said it. I confessed to finding Samwise Gamgee hot. And I'm not the least bit ashamed.

calencoriel said...

Plus, he's a hell of a gardender...even late at night, as Gandalf would attest.

Katydid said...

I was just where they filmed all those scenes in Dark Knight last week so my geek factor was made even higher.

My LOTR geekout? Helm's Deep and Pelennor Fields. Those battle scenes made my life complete when I didn't even know it needed completing.

PHSChemGuy said...

LotR...snorefest from start to finish...good god...

Agreed, the truck flip was amazing...

I had no problem with Dent's injuries because that's Two-Face...that's how he looks...and nobody in the comics ever says "Mr Two-Face, could you say that again? We couldn't understand you because you ain't got no cheek on that side."