Things I'll Miss

Summer is nearly over - I have to be back at school on August 14th and between now and then, I've got scads of work to do and meetings to attend, so summer might as well be over at this point for me. I'm mostly in charge of my schedule for the next two weeks, but school and its accompanying responsibilities are quickly encroaching on my free time.

It sucks.

Here's what I'll miss most about summer:

1. Not being tired

2. Walking first thing each morning

3. Being caught up on the laundry - including the bedspreads, bathroom carpets and toilet seat covers

4. Being caught up on the cleaning

5. The closets being organized - especially the toy closet!

6. The refrigerator being cleaned and organized

7. Having time to meander through Jungle Jim's instead of speeding through the carefully devised list

8. Planning a spur of the moment trip b/c there's still time to drive up to Lake Erie

9. Brewing my coffee each morning with my French Press pot

10. July...

11. Seeing my kids all day

12. Seeing my dog all day

13. Swimming at mom's pool

14. Wasting a day watching movies I've already seen on FX or Comedy Central

15. Watching the Colbert Report at 11:30 pm

16. Sweet corn - and the summer salads I can make with the fresh farmstand ingredients

17. Blogging more than once a week on a regular basis

18. Grilling every night

19. Eating on the deck

20. Having time to meander through Target instead of speeding through the carefully devised list

21. Going to my sister in law's gym with her using my free 30 day pass and going to pilates and spinning classes at 1:30 in the afternoon on a weekday.

22. Having time to make smoothies for breakfast each morning - the blueberry peach smoothie was a particular favorite with the family.

23. Watching Charmed while the kids still slept after my walk.

24. Allowing the kids to enjoy their summer by letting them have sleep-overs in each other's rooms (I know, the fact that they dig each other enough to have a sleep-overs and they're 10 and 12 is adorable)

25. Watching "Lego City" be built and destroyed within the same week and not helping construct any of it.

26. Trivia Night instead of ballet on Monday nights

27. Having time to set the perfect FLB line up and still lose each week.

28. Watching a game at WSLL and not having to wake up at 4:45am the next morning

29. Only waking up before 7:00 am twice - both times to do stuff for the LLS

30. Wearing shorts, t-shirts and my slides EVERY day.

And, in the idea of fairness, I'm going to list at least 30 things I am looking forward to once school starts in another post sometime soon. (as soon as I'm able to get past the fact that I'm going to have to wake up at 4:45am for the next nine months, that is...)

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Grace said...

Just a couple things:

Yay for trivia night!

Spinning is awful and I will never do it again.

And I hate you for pointing out how little time we have left of summer :(