Definitely Disappointed

That's my new phone. Pretty sweet, eh? Yeah, I dig it too. The problem is the fact that I wasn't planning to get a new phone today. I wasn't given much of a choice, though. See...I've gotten into the habit of charging my phone from time to time while aI'm at school.

I've got about 15 different electrical outlets in my classroom. I keep a charger in my room and charge my phone at school on a lab prep table. Today, while charging my phone, one of my students saw fit to take my phone. My first thought, when I realized that it was gone (as I was leaving for the day), was that one of my students was playing a joke on me. None of my students would take my phone, would they? I checked my drawers, checked in my microwave, checked in the refrigerator, checked wherever I could think someone who was playing a trick on me would stash my phone. Then I called my phone...and of course, no one answered.

As time passed, I accepted the fact that the phone was lifted from my classroom and contacted security and found a principal. Everything that could be done from school was done and it was time to take care of business. I needed a new phone.

Off to the Sprint store I went. I had gotten notification a month or two ago that I was qualified for a new phone, so I was able to pick one up with no charge. I lost my entire contact list, but was able to keep my same phone number. There was an extra benefit in that the phone I picked (and this is the reason why I picked it) was a bogo offer - provided you added a new line. The little one perked up pretty darn quickly when she heard that. When all was said and done, we were able to add a line to our plan, get two new phones and add internet and picture mail for no additional monthly charge.

So, I guess you could say the piece of shit who stole my phone did me a favor, right? Oh, I'm sorry...did that sound bitter? Yeah, well, I am more than a little disappointed. I mean, yeah - I have a sweet new phone - but what it says about the kid who took my phone and their lack of respect for me and my property is what has stuck with me at this point.

I'm a trusting soul who always tries to see the best in people. I take this as a direct affront and, well, it hurts my feelings to think that one of my students would do this to me. My old phone was a piece of crap. It wasn't a picture phone, it didn't get internet, it was a communication device and nothing more. That's kinda why I'm taking it personally. My phone was crap, outdated, not cool...so whoever took it was doing so pretty much just to inconvenience me.

It bothers me that I've got a group of kids like this again. I haven't had personal things stolen from me in a long time. The first year I was at PHS, I had hand soap and hand lotion I had purchased with my own money stolen from my lab. Things I had provided for my students to use as a convenience while in my room were regarded as something to loot when I wasn't looking. It was a disappointing year and I remember being glad when those kids were gone and I didn't have to teach them anymore. I haven't felt that way about my students in a long time...but that's how I feel right now...

It's been an interesting night. Whoever stole my phone has my list of contacts and they've given my number out. Their friends have been texting me and I've been saving the numbers to give to security tomorrow. The kids are either morons or incredibly arrogant. I can't really blame them for thinking I'm too stupid to figure out why I'm getting so many strange texts tonight...from Lindsey and "Red Dimemond Princess" after all, I was stupid enough to charge my phone in my classroom.

No worries though...I won't be doing that again.


andrew said...

The pyro in me laughed at putting a phone in a microwave, and then calling to see when it was completely fried.

OTOH, it sucks that your phone was stolen.

achilles3 said...

i had 2 ipods stolen.
that's why I moved to korea.
lower crime rate ;-)

joey said...

so wait. you didnt get my future wifey a phone, right??? haha

but yea, that sucks a lot. but when i went to the sprint store my mom said that she was getting me text for my birthday, so dude gave it to me for $7/year. sprint is alright like that.