Merry Christmas!

The camera is in the van ready for the trip to Key West tomorrow. We're leaving here at 2:45 am, so I'm not unpacking it right now...pics from tonight's rolicking Christmas dinner at 4:00 (not 4:30, that would have been WAY too late) will be posted Saturday evening. I'll also have pics of some pretty intensely lit trailers from the subdivision.

Here are a couple of things to look forward to:
  • the fish tank nativity set
  • the Christmas octopus
  • a forest of pine trees among the palm trees
  • too many blow up figures for one plot in a trailer park
  • an old drunk woman wearing reindeer antlers
  • oh yeah...it's been good times so far

For the record, it should be colder at Christmas. I enjoyed the crap out of getting a little sunburned on Christmas afternoon, but it didn't feel like Christmas at all today.

Hope you all enjoyed your surroundings as much as I did today!

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