Hacked into the interweb...

So...I'm sitting in the living room at my mother-in-law's having successfully hacked into the wireless of the retirement community where she lives, so I thought I'd update again.

I've included some pics of our morning in Atlanta in case you're interested. We made really good time getting to the middle of Florida and the little one is pretty geeked at the prospect of getting to go swimming on Christmas morning. In all honesty, I'm kind of looking forward to that myself.

When we got to my mother-in-law's, the heat was on even though it was 85 degrees outside so my husband and I broke into a sweat bringing the bags into the house. And...the only beer in the house was Milwaukee's BEST. But, I'm in Florida and wearing a T-shirt on Christmas eve, so I won't complain.

Tomorrow we get to go to the community buffet, at 4:30pm of course. I'll take lots of pictures and should be able to post again tomorrow night. My goal is to find the most preposterous Christmas sweater and post it for you all.

See...now I'm building the anticipation for tomorrow night's post. See you then. Happy Christmas, everyone!

PS. The little one was able to convince grandma to turn on the air conditioning, so visions of sugar plums may dance in my head this evening instead of sweating to death after all.

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