My bro kicks ass...

So, my sister just finished her master's and decided to resign from her wonderfully successful volleyball program to spend more time with her family, and of course, to celebrate we played RockBand all night.

We kept the oldest on constant guitar so we'd be able to keep playing without getting kicked off and we all took turns at singing and drums. I did marginally okay with a couple of songs, my brother in law owned the drums, but the big surprise of the night was my brother (the older of the two) on vocals. The oldest kept messing with him and putting my bro on expert, but my brother apparently has pipes.

He nailed Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" like he wrote the freaking song and then owned Deep Purple's "Highway Star" It was hilarious.

officially, though - I hate video games - I wish people would stop being so creative and making things so much more fun than Pong...

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