30 Sunsets

As promised from yesterday, I have a bunch of sunset pictures to post. In Key West -for those who don't know - you celebrate the sunset each night. There's a special place to watch called, of all things, Sunset Pier, and they serve drinks and food and when the sun has finally set, everyone cheers.

I took some of the pictures with the specific intent of using them as my wallpaper background on my computer, so the sun is setting in the far right so that if you decide to steal the pic (and seriously, feel free to do so)all your icons will be on the left. It will be perfect for computer wallpaper.

While taking the pictures, I commented to the nice lady next to me that I thought cameras should have a special sunset setting. Then I started clicking the buttons on my camera and found out that my camera actually has a sunset setting. So, I used it and took 30 pictures...and one of my mom and lots of people crowded around our table taking their own pics of the sunset.

So, anyway - here are my sunset pictures. Hope you enjoy...

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achilles3 said...

i LOVE seeing vacation smiles!!!
nice pics