In Case I Look Fatter Next Time You See Me...

...I went to Key West with my mom and sister earlier this week - got back around midnight on Wednesday, in fact.

We had a blast. It was hot and sunny while it snowed back in Cincy. I got sun poisoning while everyone back home wore winter coats, mittens and scarfs.

We also ate a lot. I found the cuisine setting on my camera, so here's a little sampling of the food we ate on the trip.

I ate this at the Charlotte Airport on our way home. It's a portobello roasted red pepper and fresh mozzarella burger. It was tasty and it was at this point that I realized I shouldn't eat another french fry until May.

This is my sister's Mahi Mahi sandwich with Key Lime mayo at the poolside restaurant at our hotel. This was our lunch before we took the cab to the airport for our trip home.

I decided to go for the turkey club for my last meal in Key West. The tomatoes made the sandwich.

A fried shrimp Po'Boy at Fogarty's on Duval St. This was my dinner on Tuesday night and it was fantastic.

My sister went all out on Tuesday night with a Crab Cake, grouper filet, mashed potatoes, asparagus and hollandaise sauce. I tried a bit of the grouper and it was tender, flaky and perfectly seasoned. My sister devoured everything else.

My mom's blackened shrimp wrap. The pic doesn't do the quantity of shrimp in the wrap justice. It was choc full of shrimp and my sister and I didn't hear a word from my mom until her plate was clean.

The Ahi Tuna encrusted in peppercorn appetizer. My mom refused to touch it - no raw fish for her...which meant my sister and I got more...This dish was particularly yummy.

This was our lunch on Tuesday afternoon. My mom, sister and I split this ginormous plate of nachos before heading to the hotel pool for the afternoon.

One of the more attractive dishes of the trip. These are fresh baked croissants from Croissants de France on Duval St. There were only like 14 different kinds of croissants to chose from and I swear I could have enjoyed a cafe au lait and a different croissant there every morning of our trip. Pictured here are the spinach and feta croissant (in the background-my mom's breakfast) and the apple cinnamon croissant (my sister and I split that one).

So there you go...my trip in food. If you plan a trip to Key West someday, let me know. The island is only 2 miles by 4 miles and I covered nearly every inch while there this April. I can tell you where to party - even though that really wasn't our gig while on the island - where to eat, where to shop, and where NOT to go.

Tomorrow - freaking spectacular sunset pics. (I found the sunset setting on my camera too!)


cmorin said...

Looking at those pictures is torture to a poor college kid.... torture. I think I'm going to go back some oatmeal for the 5 day in a row.

calencoriel said...

Don't think of it as torture...think of it as motivation. Afterall, I'm just a teacher making a modest wage.

You're gonna be some big time something or other and will never eat oatmeal 5 days in a row after college.

achilles3 said...

I heart oatmeal.
AND Key West:-)