Wednesday Night Poker

Sometimes after dinner it seems like it would be a good time to teach the kids Texas Hold 'Em with random candy you have in your pantry.

Here we have the initial bank with which we all began. The Jelly Bellys are the soda pop combo - 7-Up, worth $1; Orange soda, worth $5; Root Beer, worth $15; Grape Soda, worth $25; Dr. Pepper, worth $50; and Cream Soda, worth $100. The Hershey nuggets were worth $500 and the marshmallows were worth $1000.

Things got pretty serious:

Clearly, he didn't want us to be able to get his "read."

Unfortunately for the oldest, I know his bluffs all too well - being the mom and wife of your opponents is helpful. First of all, everyone thinks you're going to play things safe because you're the mom and they all think they're all mysterious and I'll never know if they actually have cards in their hand or not. I've been reading these people's minds for the past 19 years. I know what they're thinking and when they're thinking it.

Needless to say, I was the big winner:

That's right...that's three marshmallows you see in my winnings. I rule.

Things devolved pretty quickly after my big win. The husband just started eating his winnings...

The little one was pretty disgruntled with her lack of skills...she's bound and determined to learn the game though...we plan on buying more Jelly Belly's at The Jungle this week and we'll get a few more pieces to ante.

I'll let you know if her poker skills increase during the summer.

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cmorin said...

The picture of your husband is hilarious, with the headphones and everything. He kind of has a Chris Moneymaker thing going on.