What Up WIth the Energy Level?

I'm an old woman. I'm still functioning, but I'm old. So old, in fact, that the next time you see me wearing my eye glasses (not contacts), know that I'll be wearing bifocals. Yep, bifocals.

I'm old.

Yet...my energy level this weekend has not indicated that this is the case.

Yesterday, after working a full day, going to the eye doctor and grocery store, I went for my walk, made the kids dinner then proceeded to stay up till 11:30 cooking dinners for the next week. We've got Italian sausage rigatoni bake all lined up for later this week and I've got two awesome appetizers (seafood dip and a bean dip) all ready for tomorrow at my mom's pool.

I finished all the laundry for the weekend and will probably go as far as washing the bathroom rugs tomorrow.

I've graded all the work I brought home and all I have to do for tomorrow is go to church, make lunches for the week and go hang out at my mom's.

It's not even 11:00 pm and I can't think of anything new to start to work on right now and I'm not even tired.

Not even a little.

Thing is...I know come Monday morning, I'm gonna be beat.


PHSChemGuy said...

You suck...at least The Girl and I collected for 2 hours and brought in $270 yesterday.

Now I just have to grade 80 labs and 40 quizzes, plan for the week, mow the lawn, and collect for 2 more hours today.


calencoriel said...

Oh...didn't I mention the fact that I planned for the week (all three preps) and got the schedule posted online in addition to posting all the lab pics from the week before I left school on Friday?

I didn't collect any money for LLS, but I did help the little one plan three events for her school's campaign this year.

PHSChemGuy said...

What events?

achilles3 said...

Lay off the crack;-)

Bdubba said...

WOW! That is all I can say is WOW!!! I will channel you for this week and maybe be able to get more accomplished. I got to many curve balls thrown at me this week. Last week's motto for me should have been "If you plan it....then something will come along and squash your plan like a bug." I am hoping for a better week b/c I am going to keep trying! :)