You might be surprised...

This post is inspired by a recent post on another blog I follow. My fellow blogger added two posts this weekend, one consisted of songs that made her absolutely blissful and the other was of songs that took her emotions to the sadder side of things.

While running an errand, the first song embedded came on the radio and immediately the volume was up as loud as it could be and I was singing right along - all angry like I was ready to fight the man.

Which is hilarious considering that as a white, 42 year old, mother of two, I pretty much am the man.

It doesn't matter my demographic, however, this song rocks out loud and will be blasted from my radio any time it comes on.

Be warned though, my man Trent does drop an F bomb at about 4 minutes in...it's a live performance after all and I'm sure he's mad as hell.

The next song also gets blared from the speakers of my 4 door Hyundai Sonata with sunroof and driver side power seats. I'm guessing I look like an idiot...but I'm good with that. I embraced my nerd-ness a long time ago.

This next one is embarrassing, but still fits the criteria of makes me turn up the radio as loud as possible and sign it as loud as possible. Oh, and it won't embed in the format I want you to see so you're gonna have to click to see what it is...

And we end with my absolute favorite. If the kids are in the car, the oldest actually takes the male vocals for me and we have a rockin' duet.

I know...you wish you were me.

I have to say this might be the most fun I've had putting a post together since I've been singing along while the songs played in the other tab open while I typed.

Good times at Calen's house this afternoon...


Bdubba said...

Love it! These kind of posts are always fun. Although my post like this too a "kiddie" turn when I had to include muppets (Shiny Happy Monsters).

Katydid said...

NIN with the mud people at Woodstock...gotta love it. They've been that intense every time I've seen them.

PHSChemGuy said...

I don't even know you.

calencoriel said...

Bdub - Shiny Happy Monsters is a favorite from my Sesame Street days too.

Katy - I've never seen them live, I don't even know if I know another one of their songs - but all of the NIN clips on youtube are pretty intense.

Chemguy - I know! Not one of the songs is from 1983! Which one surprised you the most?