Found This Today...

Looks like a big box of delicious to me. Plus, you can get this stuff sent each month. Chocolate every month - new chocolate every month.





PS. I really don't like any of the characters on the new Survivor. I'm only going to be able to give them one more week before I decide this season's a wash.

PPS. In other news, I'm 40 seconds into The Office and it's as ridiculous and as offensive as ever. I'm going to count how many times I say Oh my god...this season - update coming later.


Grace said...

I was SO MAD the girl from Cincy was gone after the first week! She was just too savvy for the "dumb girl alliance"

cmorin said...

I don't know if I "like" any of the characters, but I do find them entertaining. I have hope yet.

No one will be as cool as Terry from Survivor Panama. He was awesome.