Today President Obama delivered a 20 minute speech to the students of our nation. Yes. He talked to young people in the hope that a man of mixed race, from a broken home who faced the adversity many of the young people in our schools today face could inspire the school aged children of our nation to succeed - no matter what.

Districts around the country set up alternative plans in case students didn't want to watch/listen to the leader of our nation, sent home permission slips and came up with spur of the moment policies to deal with the fact that a president wanted to speak to our children.

And my own children didn't get to hear him speak. No policy statement came home, no information saying I needed to DVR the speech if I wanted my kids - who I foolishly sent to school today - to hear the president of our country speak to them. Nothing. I almost understand giving the option of not watching the president speak, but to completely deny the opportunity? I'm at a loss.

I am absolutely furious.

I have also already found the speech like 10 different ways online and have watched the speech with my kids already...but still...what the hell?

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PHSChemGuy said...

The kiddios in Lakotaland didn't watch it yesterday either. It was videotaped and free for teachers to show at a later time if they wanted to.