The Most Suffocating Time of the Year...

Damnit...it's happening again. I spent nearly every minute of Thanksgiving Break making sure it wouldn't it, but it's happening again. Yep. Three weeks of hell till Christmas Break. I got the senior IA's graded, finished the laundry, cleaned my entire house, cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my mom, got every chore I could think of finished, plus found time to hang with my kids and go to the museum and out to dinner and all that jazz only to have tonight come along and remind me of all the stuff I still have left to do before Christmas.

Every time I think about the fact that the junior's IA's need to be graded after tomorrow night, I start to hyperventilate.

I hate the fact that the entire semester is finished before Christmas. I hate it. I'm starting to hate Christmas more and more the older I get and adding the end of the semester to the fun that is a mom trying to pull Christmas out of her butt is no fun at all. The whole working mom thing is no fun at all. None.

I didn't want Christmas to shake down this way...but with school obligations, the oldest's basketball schedule, the little one and her ballet, and the husband's constant obligations at his school doing basketball stats and another 8 meetings he won't tell me about till the day of, I'm drowning...and Thanksgiving Break isn't even over yet.

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