You're Welcome, Bengal Nation

If the Bengals had won any of their last two games, they would have clinched their spot in the play-offs and given the city that has supported their abysmal existence an early Christmas present. Instead, we had to wait for that to happen today against the Cheifs.

Because the Steelers ended up winning against the Ravens, the win wasn't even necessary at the end of the day, but it's always good to control our own destiny with a win - especially at home and in December.

I don't look for the Bengals to go very far in the play-offs this season. I'm honestly just thankful for a winning season this year. It was way more fun to watch and know the team actually had a shot at winning their games this season than the last four years. Usually, I'm a college football kind of girl, but that leaves me with little to watch in December when the Bengals suck patiently waiting for the Buckeyes to disappoint in whatever bowl game/national championship game they'll be playing in each year since 2002. So having the Bengals DO something and knowing they've got a shot at a post-season win or two has been refreshing to say the least.

Now, to explain the title of this post. As mentioned, the last two weeks, the Bengals needed a win to clinch their spot in the post-season and they fell short both weeks. Even with the emotions playing into last week's difficult loss on the west coast (RIP Henry), the Bengals weren't able to put together enough offense to outscore the Chargers.

I blame myself for this.

Pretty much each week of the season, I would come home from 11:30 mass and don my Carson Palmer jersey, my Bengals helmet earrings and either my orange and black striped knee socks or orange argyle footies. I wore this attire when they beat the Browns, Steelers and Ravens for all 6 wins. I didn't wear it when they lost to the Raiders. Coincidence...of course. My apparel has nothing to do with their ability to score, to defend, to intercept, to run back kick-offs...how could it?

I didn't wear this when they lost to the Chargers or to the Vikings the week before. I wasn't going to bear the responsibility of their losing this week. No. That guilt would not be mine. I was going to do what was needed on my part to make sure they won today. As I type, I am wearing the jersey, the earrings and the orange argyle footies and the Bengals are sporting a very respectable 10-5 record and are on their way to the play-offs.

So, you're welcome, Bengals nation. I'll do my part for the remainder of the season. Promise.

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