Play me, I'm Yours

Just got this little tidbit of info today from NPR. I've heard a couple of the stories they've done on the whole "Play me, I'm yours" tour. Basically, pianos are left on downtown city streets for the public to play. The pianos stay for a brief period of time and then they find permanent homes in the community. The artwork is the brainchild of Luke Jerram and I've been fascinated with the stories presented.

Today, my local npr station, WVXU, announced that it's sister station, WGUC will be bringing the exhibit to Cincinnati in August of 2010!

So...I am totally playing "Heart and Soul" as soon as I happen upon one of the pianos this summer.

just sayin'


PHSChemGuy said...

No idea you could play the piano.

And I heard the same story...interesting idea...

joey said...

my rendition of Jaws is to die for.

achilles3 said...

If I'm around...Great Balls of Fire