Stupidest Song on the Radio/Rant

I am a mom of a tween and a young teenager. I typically let them choose the radio station we listen to during our many travels because I like to stay hip, you know, for the kids. The new car has XM, so I'm getting to hear lots of new current stuff which is cool but it also forces me to listen to crap like this...

To answer your question, Hayley, Yes, you can pretend that all you want. Pretending that the lights from an airplane are shooting stars so that you can wish on them will make the wish come true just as quickly as if you wished on an actual shooting star.

Because wishing on a shooting star and that wish coming true is a COINCIDENCE.

So wish all you want. Wish on fireflies - they light up. Wish on the flashing lights of police car or bambulance for all I care, it's ALL PRETEND. Meanwhile, I'm going to wish you go back to Paramore and make more songs about stealing boyfriends and stuff like that.

That is all.

PS. Sorry Joey, I know you're kinda hot for her and all, but these lyrics are so stupid I had to say something.


PHSChemGuy said...

Is he really asking to go back in time to when people didn't listen to his music and he didn't get paid to make it?


On some advice, might I recommend chucking all the stations out the window except NPR, WLHS, and sports talk?

joey said...

this is gonna be awkward at our wedding... you may have just gotten crossed off the guest list. ill try to talk to her about it though.

obligatory hayley pic: