I always want that cake...

I had dinner with a great friend tonight at PF Chang's. It's where we go when we meet for our three hour dinners. We don't eat for three hours, usually it takes us 45 minutes before we even place our order. We get together for our private dinners - no kids, no husbands, no one else but the two of us - about once every two months or so, and it takes us a little while to get caught back up with each other. It's a great time and I love getting together with her.

Before we went out, I went online and checked out PF Chang's nutritional information so I wouldn't kill myself with calories. For example, did you know that the kung pao chicken entree (which I love) has over 1500 calories and 84 grams of fat? Did you know that Great Wall of Chocolate (cake) has 2200 calories??? Seriously - 2200 calories! It's crazy, but damn, I always want that cake.

I was good, we split the chicken lettuce wraps - 255 calories and 6 grams of fat for each of us there - and then I ordered the almond cashew chicken which is 740 calories and 22 grams of fat. That would normally be too much for one entree for me, but I only ate half of it so I'm good with only 370 calories and 11 grams of fat. A grand total of 625 calories and 17 grams of fat, for those of you keeping track. It's a little high on the fat total, but when added to the veggie omlette I had for breakfast, we're good in both categories for the day. Plus, I ran this afternoon - not walked, but ran...seriously, the shins still hurt. But, I really wanted the cake.

I didn't order the cake. I wasn't hungry for the cake...I just wanted the cake. I'm still thinking about the cake and the fat girl that lives inside of me wants the cake. I thought about getting the cake most of the day. In fact, when we set our date for dinner, my first thought was if I'd get the cake or not. I'm safe now, though. I'm at home now (hence the blog entry) and there's nothing like the cake in the house. The only snack food around are pretzels or popcorn...and I'd have to make the popcorn...and it wouldn't be the cake, so why do it?

Maybe if it hadn't been December 30th...after a the month long eating fiesta that is Thanksgiving to Christmas in this country...maybe then I would have allowed myself the cake. Maybe if the scale hadn't been so cruel this morning - I swear I heard it laughing - maybe then I would have ordered the cake.

I'll be thinking of the cake for a while. I'll probably dream about eating the cake and then wake up feeling guilty about eating a cake I didn't even taste. Maybe not...but I know when I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm still going to want that cake.

Sigh...I always want that cake...

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