Not from me

My life is crazy. There's way too much going on.

In the past week, I've actually had 4 different coworkers ask me if I was okay and tell me that I "just seem scattered" all the time, and then offer the sage advice that I need to drop something from my life. Three of them even had the audacity to suggest what I needed to drop so that I could become less scattered. (Keep in mind that dropping what they suggested would only serve their need for me to do more for them, not really help with my own level of sanity)


So...I did drop two things. Sending Christmas cards and making gifts for the members in my department.

I don't really feel any better or like I really have all that much more time, but I am happy that I didn't drop any of the things that were suggested to be dropped. I'm also really happy that I won't be all pissed-off on Friday when I sneak what I think is a great and thoughtful little craft into department members mailboxes and then have no one tell me thank you for my thoughtful gesture. Yeah...I'm not setting myself up for that particular disappointment this year. Besides, why do I think they want the crap I put together anyway? And yes, Chemguy, when four more people leave the department this spring, you can tell me it was because I didn't give out stupid $5-$10 crafts that I made for Christmas this year.

But Happy Christmas everyone - this is as close as you'll get to a card from me. I do hope that this year brings us more peace than what we've seen in the last while.


Grace said...

You could always photocopy your foot and make it into a Christmas tree or something... That would be quick and simple and I have a feeling the members of your department would appreciate/enjoy it.

Bdubba said...

I still have all the various creations I received. They would be displayed in my current classroom but have not YET made the trek. They will along with tried and true lessons I have sitting in storage.....*sigh*

I thought I said thanks.....??? If not, THANKS!!!! :) After my first holiday season there (I had made smelly good candles for all my "buddies"), I realized that was definitely a task to drop.

Take a deep breath! Enjoy the time with your youngins'. They will only be this age once.

calencoriel said...

I still have that smelly good candle actually! And you always said thanks...and so does Chemguy - but I'm pretty sure he knows I'm not talking about him on this one.

It's the damn kids, Bdubba...the newbies who just expect everything to be handed to them. They exhaust me...

PS. I remember my first year at PHS I gave out heartfelt Christmas cards to a few staff members who had made my transition particularly easy (I had 10 years experience under my belt when I made the move so it was difficult and with much trepidation). Anyway...I was in the copy room in Marcia's office and I saw like three of them in the garbage! I was so hurt! I even pulled them out of the trash to see who tossed them.

There are some cold-hearted peeps out there who make it tough for those of us who walk around with their hearts on their sleeves!

achilles3 said...

i LOVED our secret santas!

TL said...

I'm sorry I haven't even seen you enough to notice if you were looking frazzled or not... That makes me a sucky friend. Or else another busy one. Anyway, I'll chuck loads of sympathy your way and warm Christmas wishes!